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The Clean Evansville anti-litter campaign is a joint effort of the City of Evansville, Keep Evansville Beautiful and volunteer members of the "Clean Committee." The goal is to involve the entire community in picking up trash, as well as targeting specific areas for clean-up on a monthly basis.

Evansville residents can own this initiative by taking responsibility for keeping their own home or property clean. This is something people can do to affect a difference in their neighborhoods and businesses.

Clean Evansville is a source for civic pride for our citizens...it creates a city where residents are proud to live, work, play!

Individuals are encouraged to take photos before and after their clean-up to share on the Lloyd Winnecke and Keep Evansville Facebook pages.

If you are interested in participating in one of the cleanup events, contact our office for more information and to register. Participants will be assigned to a team and starting point once registered.

Participants can include individual residents, neighborhood associations, church groups, schools, sororities, fraternities, community organizations, businesses and corporations, government leaders, church groups, unions, public servants and employees, and many others.

Upcoming Events

Operation Hot Mess

Operation Hot Mess - A competition between high schools, and supporters of those schools to see who can get the most people out to clean up litter on the west side. For complete info click here.